Flash Fiction

I have recently taken an interest in all sorts of flash fiction websites, like Wigleaf or Flash Fiction Online, so I decided to give writing stories I’ve had in mind for a long time a try.  Any constructive criticism for my work is most welcome.

Thank you for reading!

Untitled [Flash Fiction]

This untitled work is my first attempt at writing creatively for any flash fiction audiences that may be out there.   It is a story of a father who doesn’t appreciate the things in life that he should, with dire consequences.  The word count is just over 1,210 words, but I’m sure there are some adjustments that can be made to bring it under the mark.  While it is a difficult topic for a story, I hope you, the reader, are able to take something away from the story I have written as I have done from other flash fiction writers out there.  Without further adieu!

“Are you ready yet?” a father asked.

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