Who is Andrew Lang exactly?  It is safe to say that I am not the Scottish writer, literary critic and anthropologist who died in 1912, renowned for having authored the famous Fairy Tale series that he did.

On the contrary, I am alive and breathing, but my life is by no means as “colorful.”  While I have had no part in authoring these lively collections of fairy tales, I am nonetheless interested in what they are and what they represent:  stories about the human experience and our imaginations.  There is nothing like a good story to make one realize how dynamic and diverse life is.  As George R.R. Martin wrote, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies…; the man who never reads lives only one.”

Regarding one of those lives I lead, I have been living in Europe for going on fifteen years and am enjoying every minute of it.  Living abroad as an American has offered many opportunities for me to reflect, who am I really?  What does it mean to call myself American when someone asks me where I am from?  What does it mean to be a human being: working, relaxing, laughing, sighing, breathing, living, being?  I look to literature to help answer questions like these that I frequently have.  While contemplating life and all of its mysteries, I teach English as a second language in various shapes and forms.  I studied English Literature, with a focus in modernism, at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, earning my Masters degree there.  While living in the UK during my time as a student, I took advantage of the chance to complete a CELTA program at one of the local schools, earning the Cambridge certificate to teach English to adults.  This has become my passion.

The main purpose for writing what I do here will likely be to discuss the books that I read and my thoughts about culture and other related topics.  If anything, it is an outlet for me to discuss my thoughts about books with anyone willing to take an interest in them.  After all, writing is simply a form of willful mind-reading — passing one person’s thoughts onto another.   If you find what you read here to your liking, I would love to hear all about it.  Feel free to like or comment.  Thanks for visiting!

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In no way is any content found on this weblog for profit.  All written contributions are for personal use only and are the sole responsibility of myself, the blogger.  Any opinions expressed herein are entirely my own and are not meant in any way to do harm to anyone.  If you have questions about the content found on my weblog (andrewblang.wordpress.com), please do not hesitate to contact me at lang638[at]googlemail[dot]com.

Any hyperlinks found within the content of my weblog are regularly maintained and are directed to relevant content found within the context of my writing.  Given the dynamic nature of the World Wide Web, however, I cannot vouch for what content may appear at the opposite end of a hyperlink and, therefore, direct anyone who would click upon and view third-party websites that I refer readers to beyond andrewblang.wordpress.com to use discretion.  If a broken or inappropriate link is identified, please contact me, and I will update or remove the hyperlink forthright.

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